Wash a Face Mask With a Mesh Delicates Bag

The advantage of a machine-washable face mask is being able to properly clean it without much hassle. The problem is that face masks are small, and much like delicate pieces like bras and underwear, can get destroyed by other garments in the wash. Instead of risking destroying a very important accessory, it’s time to use something you may already have: mesh laundry bags.

A mesh laundry bag is perfect for keeping your delicates from getting tangled around your laundry as it tumbles and tussles in the machine. Now, you can repurpose them to wash your mask in a washing machine. Not only will it keep your mask safe, it will also help you easily spot it amongst a week’s worth of clothing.

A face mask should be treated like your delicates if you want it to last (you want it to last, trust me). Most masks that are machine-washable are made from cotton, which tends to get wrinkled and can dry in all sorts of shapes, which isn’t ideal when you need something to fit securely to your face. There’s also the ties or straps you have to take into consideration, which can get hooked on basically anything with buttons. And don’t forget about the bendable nose wires that can get, well, bent out of shape. What I’m trying to say is a mesh bag will help keep your masks from becoming useless pieces of fabric in the wash.

3Pcs Durable Honeycomb Mesh Laundry Bags

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