The Property Brothers Are Back—and in Fighting Form on Season Premiere of ‘Brother vs. Brother’

“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are back for Season 7 of “Brother Vs Brother.” In the premiere, they renovate L.A. homes. Here’s a recap.


“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott love renovating homes—and seem to love competing with each other even more. That’s why they’re back with Season 7 of “Brother vs. Brother,” and this time the competition is more heated than ever.

For this season, the brothers are buying and renovating million-dollar homes in the pricy Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Jonathan paid $2.4 million for his house, while Drew shelled out $2.35 million.

In the premiere episode—titled “Hollywood, Here We Come!”—the brothers start with a living room renovation, while Orlando Soria from “Build Me Up” will get to judge which sibling aced this space. Read on to see how Drew and Jonathan’s high-end Hollywood designs compare, and learn a thing or two that might apply to your own abode, too.

Entryway flooring can make or break a first impression

Jonathan Scott’s entryway flooring looks great with the flooring in the living space.


Both Drew and Jonathan pay special attention to the entryway flooring. Drew gives his home some hardwood floors in a herringbone pattern, which look beautiful. Jonathan chooses embedded tile.

“We have to make sure that our inlay is perfect,” Jonathan says when laying down the flooring. “This is just another one of those little details that show you put in the extra effort, and I think a buyer recognizes that because when they see this, they know you spent extra time and money on making it special.”

This entryway flooring looks lovely!


His design is subtle but unique, and Soria can’t help but be impressed.

“Wow, the floor is really beautiful,” Soria says. “I love the embedded tile with that really beautiful light wood. It’s so unique, you never see this.”

One fireplace with personality can be better than two

Both brothers go all-out when it comes to the fireplaces. Drew adds two brand-new fireplaces to the living space—which is striking, but is eclipsed by Jonathan’s upgrades to the single fireplace his home already has.

fire place
This fireplace needed some work.


So what’s his secret? Jonathan gives the firebox a curved shape, and adds fashionable tile to brighten it up.

fire place
Jonathan has a talent for renovating fireplaces.


“This fireplace is completely different, Soria says when he sees it. “It was just this kind of lackluster fireplace. Now it’s a beautiful Spanish-style fireplace and has the arc opening perfect for a house that has this kind of history.”

High-end homes need high-end ceilings

Jonathan went all-out with this groin vault ceiling.


One of the best features that come with Drew’s house is the beautiful ceilings with hand-painted details—they give the home lots of character.

Meanwhile, the ceilings in Jonathan’s home are less interesting, so he decides to add a “wow” factor. He erects a groin vault ceiling in the entryway to give the house a little something extra.

This vault ceiling looks lovely, and Soria is suitably impressed when sees this feature.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t even notice the ceiling,” Soria says. “That is beautiful! This is something that you don’t see every day, and I think that is what people are looking for when they are looking to buy a really beautiful, historic home.”

With home decor, old and modern styles can mix

living room
Drew Scott’s living room has a relaxed look.


In the living room, Drew has embraced a calm and classic style with light colors and plush furniture. It’s relaxed but sophisticated.

“Everything is very neutral and creamy and pretty and open,” Soria says, “the perfect place to have a nice little coffee and hang out with your friends.”

living room
Drew did a great job of mixing the old and the new.


While Drew’s living room has a clean, classic look, he also renovates a second common area, which he gives an entirely different look.

“It matches the traditional vibe of the house, but it also feels like it has a little bit of a contemporary bite,” Soria says. “I love that.”

With a dark fireplace and a fun wallpaper, this place looks both modern and classic.

‘Brother vs. Brother’: Whose renovation is better?

Both brothers have big budgets for this living room update. Jonathan is able to finish up right on track, spending $190,000. Drew goes slightly over his $245,000 budget, spending an extra $2,000.

Both Los Angeles homes look great, but in the end Soria announces Jonathan is the winner.

Jonathan is excited to best his brother in this living room challenge, but there’s still a long competition ahead for Jonathan and Drew! We’ll have to wait and see who comes out on top.

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