How To Wash Clothes In A Washing Machine

How to wash bedding 

Can you put pillows in the washing machine?

As long as the care label says you can, then yes. Most cotton and down pillows can be machine washed but it’s always worth taking two minutes to check what the manufacturer recommends.

When you’re ready, take the pillows out of the case and place into the washing machine. Try washing two at a time to balance the load. Then add the detergent and set to the recommended cycle. If there isn’t a care label then go for a warm gentle programme, with an extra rinse to make sure all the detergent is removed.

Either air dry or tumble on a low heat (again, depending on the care instructions). Try not to leave the pillows in a room where it will take too long to dry – this could cause a build-up of mildew.

Note: Do not machine-wash foam pillows. Vacuum the dust off instead, and spot wash any stains or grime.

How to wash a duvet or quilts

It’s a good idea to clean your duvets once or twice each year, especially if you have allergies to dust mites and other common household allergens.

Many washing machines have a dedicated program for washing duvets. This is a gentle program that washes at a lower temperature with more water than usual.

If your washing machine doesn’t have a duvet program, you can choose a delicate wash or a lower temperature.

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How to wash duvet and pillow cases and fitted sheets

Ideally, you should wash your duvet and pillow cases and fitted sheets once a week.

In reality, it may be longer than this, but it’s important to frequently wash your bedding as dirt and sweat builds up. This can not only flair up skin conditions, but also create a environment where dust mites can grow, leading to more allergens.

Can you wash a mattress topper?

First things first, check to see if there is any washing label on the mattress topper.

Some microfibre and down/feather toppers can be washed just like you would wash a duvet, but you’ll want to be careful about making sure weight is evenly distributed around the drum.

To help with this, you can add a towel or two into the load with it. Alternatively, you can simply go to a laundromat.

Many foam mattress toppers will have a outer fabric layer that you can zip off and wash separately. Don’t put the foam in your washing machine; just wipe it down with a gentle detergent.

Can you wash a sleeping bag?

Just like with mattress toppers, check for a washing label.

If you can’t find one, we’d recommend that you wash it inside out on a cold wash or at 20°C and with a gentle detergent.

Using a tumble dryer on a low heat should be okay, too, but you’ll want to check back regularly to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. So it might simply be safer and easier to hang it up and patiently wait for it to dry.

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