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BEIJING, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In this September of the golden autumn, it was possible to sample the spells of ice and snow in advance, to understand the most advanced culture and technology of ice and snow and of course, to start a different “Frozen” experience. On September 5, the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2020 (“WWSE”), sponsored by the International Data Group, opened at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. More than 500 Chinese and foreign brands came with demonstrations of ice and snow achievements in technologies, equipment, winter tourism, talent development and so forth, enabling visitors to get closer to the power of ice and snow.

As the world’s top expo of ice and snow, this edition of WWSE has attracted nearly 20 winter sports powers such as Austria, Norway, France, Japan, Italy, Finland, Iceland, Slovenia, Germany, the United States, and the Czech Republic, with the international brands accounting for more than 60%. In this event, exhibition areas are set in both the China National Convention Center exhibition hall and the outdoor exhibition hall on the south side of the Linglong Tower. Specifically, the China National Convention Center has provided the exhibition areas for the Winter Olympics theme and international organizations, world-famous ice and snow brands, world trade in ice and snow services, ice and snow technology, and ice and snow equipment. On the south side of the Linglong Tower there are dozens of exhibition areas for Winter Olympics theme, ski resorts operation and venue construction, outdoor equipment, indoor ice and snow technology, winter tourism destinations and provincial and municipal pavilions, ice and snow culture training, ice and snow innovation and entrepreneurship, ice and snow carnival, and ice and snow media alliance, as well as for public arena promotion, business negotiation, and buyer service and other features or special functions. There were an endless flow of visitors getting up close and queuing for experience, and in a word, they have indulged themselves in this special “feast of ice and snow”.

During the expo, the Chinese Olympic Committee used graphic and textual introductions, promotional videos, well-known athletes’ performances and interactions in the Olympic theme exhibition area, to give the visitors a better understanding of China’s ice and snow sports and the national teams’ preparation for competitions. Besides, it held interactive activities such as figure skating, curling, and ice hockey, which attracted quite a lot of visitors. The Shougang booth showed the demonstrative screens for ski jumping, full-sense VR curling, street dance, instructor robots, guide robots, bicycles and others, when visitors were completely immersed in them.

In the Shijingshan booth, curling, skiing, and real ice rink performances and shows and other activities allowed the visitors to experience the joy of winter ice and snow sports at close range. The publicity section for main screen + hanging ice screen featured the use of the unique material of the ice screen and multi-screen interactive effects to create unique scenarios of publicity and display for attracting the public’s attention. In the “technology + ice and snow” experience zone, AR and VR technologies allowed more people to participate in the futuristic experience activities of ice and snow sports. The “snowflake knot button” in the exhibition area of “Intangible Cultural Heritage + Ice and Snow of Winter Olympics” had astonished countless visitors due to the 360-degree rotating booth design.

Among the national pavilions, the Austrian pavilion focused on introducing its many well-known ice and snow brands, innovation services and innovated technologies. For example, Snow51 brought a mobile foldable ski simulator-the “Transformer” on the playground, and accordingly, professional coaches prepared helmets, snow boots, snowboards, protective gear and other equipment in advance, so that visitors may also benefit from coaches who personally demonstrated standard movements. Doppelmayr came with a new-generation D-Line ropeway, with the cabin encompassing lighting, charging, seat heating, air conditioning, information services, video intercom and other functions. The Italian TechnoAlpin booth brought a special equipment model for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics – TechnoAlpin fan guns and snow cannons used for snow-making in competitions. Visitor may fully understand the cutting-edge products and technologies of ice and snow, and of course, feel the fascinating aspect of this power of ice and snow. The Japanese pavilion mainly shared with visitors the rich, diverse winter tourism resources. Moreover, various featured activities were held, such as the “Winter Japan” riddle contest, lucky draw for Japanese specialties, clay crafting experience and kimono souvenir photos, each being a definite appeal to visitors.

The exhibition area of the “Ice and Snow Carnival” attracted many enthusiasts of ice and snow. Visitors could sample the joy of skating at the real ice rink, experience interesting curling interactions, and have fun with mobile polar ice and snow. Apart from this, visitors may easily get the winter outdoor gear they would need at an affordable price, in the “Winter Sports and Outdoor Equipment Show”. In the show, visitors also enjoyed a fashion feast of ice and snow, jointly created by ice and snow celebrities, designers, and models, and on the other hand, they experienced programs and special activities of various sorts, in this enjoyable event of ice and snow.

In the theme exhibition area of “Winter Tourism Destinations and Provincial and Municipal Pavilions”, the Jilin City booth attracted a large number of visitors through VR technology, so that they could enjoy skiing in “Jilin BDH”. The instructors wore ethnic costumes that were strikingly refreshing to eyes. Changbai Mountain booth had the VR hot air balloon experience program called “360° Flying over Changbai Mountain”, a program in which visitors were enthusiastically involved. The immersive large screen of the booth also enabled visitors to experience alpine skiing from the first perspective. This attracted a large number of visitors who paused and viewed. Besides, the Altay booth demonstrated local multi-functional ski resort resources at multiple levels, signifying the diverse features of Chinese ice and snow cities.

In addition, the International Data Group announced the final selection results of its “World Winter Sports Top Brands – TOP 10 SKI RESORTS” at the expo, the following brands were seen on the list, including the Wanlong Paradise Resort, Lake Songhua Resort, Thaiwoo Ski Resort, Genting Resort Secret Garden, BDH Ski Resort, Yabuli Sun Mountain Ski Resort, Changbaishan Ski Resort, Silk Road International Ski Resort, Fulong Ski Park, and Altay Jiangjunshan Mountain Ski Resort.

The 2020 WWSE is accessed through both “online + offline” modes. For online mode, there will be live broadcast, 3D booth, 2.5D booth, stereo stand and graphic and textual 2D forms, all of which are linked to become an online exchange and trade platform for the ice and snow industry, across the global and in all weathers. This platform provides online promotions, resource connections, online negotiation and other services to international organizations, winter sports powers, well-known brands, startup companies, purchasers, investors and partners. As a result, viewers may feast their eyes with the passion of the event, and there is no need for leaving home.

This edition of WWSE is said to remain until September 9. For those who are interested in this event, please immediately come to the venue soon or view the event via the Cloud WWSE, the official website, the WeChat public account, and the online CIFTIS platform. For more information about WWSE, please visit or follow the WeChat public account “World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo”.


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