Bento for Business Leverages A.I. to Revolutionize Expense Receipt Management

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bento for Business (“Bento”), award-winning SMB fintech solution, launched a suite of new platform enhancements that transforms how businesses manage and reconcile expense receipts. The most innovative of these features is AutoMatch, which utilizes A.I. to automatically match the picture of a receipt taken by any mobile device to the corresponding transaction, saving significant time normally spent cross-referencing receipts to transactions.

Expanding upon the convenience of AutoMatch, another new feature allows individuals to easily organize and reconcile digital receipts by simply forwarding the digital receipt from their email account registered with Bento to a designated email address. Bento will then automatically match it to the correct transaction.

As part of Bento’s mission to consistently deliver ways to create efficiencies for finance teams, business owners and employees, the platform will now also automatically email a reminder at the beginning of each month for prior month transactions to all cardholders that did not upload receipts in accordance with individual business policies. Bento has also eliminated the need for users to be online to upload receipts. Users can now simply take pictures of their receipts when it is convenient for them. Once they are able to log into the app they can upload the receipt pictures directly from their photos folder/library.

“Bento for Business has built an incredibly intuitive product that directly addresses the core cash flow and operational problems faced by the businesses that drive much of our economy, create jobs, and help build our communities,” said Guido Schulz, CEO of Bento. “Now more than ever, spend management is the single largest area of opportunity for our customers to improve their cash position.”

About Bento for Business

Based in Chicago and San Francisco, Bento is an award-winning SMB fintech solution led by veteran financial service executives and backed by leading financial technology investors. An intuitive debit card-based spend management platform, Bento’s mission is to save business owners money, time and effort.

Bento’s virtual and corporate cards and industry-leading financial management tools give companies unprecedented control and visibility over company expenses, eliminating fraud and administrative overhead. Bento Pay, Bento’s B2B payment product, enables business owners to make and receive payments with a simple email address while allowing the receiver to input their banking credentials and accept funds in seconds, avoiding the hassle of paper checks.

For additional information, visit Bento for Business, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

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